Southern Pacific

SD45T-2 – The below selected photos denote the road numbers of the models to be produced. For the Southern Pacific, there will be models made available for different eras, so please check the details of each road number listed to make sure the details are correct for your era. Four basic configurations from the same manufacturers series will be available. For the “As Delivered” version, road numbers 9349, 9356, 9367 and 9370 will be made available. For the 1980s version, road numbers 9348 and 9381 will be available. For the “Modern Era” in standard lettering, road numbers 9344 and 9353 will be available. For “Modern Era” in speed lettering, road numbers 9345, 9359, 9364, 9375 and 9401 will be available. We may be able to add other numbers providing they are within the 9344 to 9370 series (and eventually up to 9404 after SSW was added). Please email with request. Request will require available photo of prototype locomotive. Reservations may still be made on these road numbers only, up until reservations have reached the cut off point directly prior to production.

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