SD40-2 Premium Option

Midwestern Model Works proudly announces a new innovation for brass diesel models. Our premium version will offer stunning details that even our highly detailed standard version won’t offer. The premium model is exactly what it says it is – a premium version of the model we currently offer with respect to the level of detail. This version will have every hood door made capable of being opened. Including the doors below the cab. Inside the engine compartment will be a fully modeled prime mover/ generator with all of the manifolds, piping, ductwork, air intake, exhaust stack, blower, radiator hoses, etc. This model will also be operational, as our drive has already been tested in scale to fit inside the engine case. The doors will be latchable, so they will only be open when the owner wants them to be. With this model, you will be able to run your consist with one or more of the locomotives with the engine compartment doors of your choice open, as we have all seen on the real thing. There will also be more underbody detail as well. This model will be as close to the real thing from whatever angle you choose to look at it from as it can possibly be. There will be only 50 of these premium models available and as of 9/22/18, 30 of those have been reserved. We will try to keep this¬†page updated as more reservations¬†for these ultra SD40-2s come in, so that anyone on the fence about reserving one will have every chance to get one.

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