We will need the following information from anyone interested in making a reservation:

Locomotive type (or types) from our list

Road name (or names) from our list

Paint scheme (or schemes) from our “Models” menu

Quantity of each locomotive desired

Era of locomotive desired (for those roads applicable)

Please include desired wheel size (.145 or .114) and gauging (Standard O or Proto48) with your order. Standard O may be ordered with .114 wheels. 


Once a reservation has been placed and confirmed by receipt of deposit, a confirmation email will be sent to the person placing the reservation. We do not engage in the practice of printed mailings, as it would take a great deal of time that is instead needed to facilitate forward progress on projects, so unless one is requested, there will be none mailed. Please print your confirmation email if a printed receipt is required.

No reservation is confirmed without receipt of deposit. If we have not received a deposit for a requested model, the model will not be produced.



Reservations on this project are now closed. If anyone is still hoping to get one of the models from this project they should contact us immediately to be put on our “standby” list in the event of a cancellation or perhaps any over-run locomotives due to the possibility of extra parts left over during production. MMW can make no guarantees that there will be any available, but it will be handled on a first come – first served basis if there are. Any models that MAY exist after delivery will be priced above the reservation price by $500 for anyone without a reservation and deposit. 




Standard model from this project – As of Feb 15, the “Early Bird Special” pricing has expired. Those who reserved on, or prior to, Feb. 15 will be locked in at the $2,800 per standard model price. Any further reservations from this point forward will be priced at $2,900 per model reserved.

Premium model (SD40 and SD40-2 only) –  As of Feb 15, the “Early Bird Special” pricing for the premium model has also expired. Those who reserved on, or prior to, Feb. 15 will be locked in at the $4,200 per premium model price. Any further reservations from this point forward will be priced at $4,400 per model reserved. (see premium SD40-2 page under the “Locomotives” tab on the menu bar for information on this version).

With the arrival of the pilot models, the full first deposit is now required for any new reservation. To place an official reservation for the SD40-2 project, we will require a $950 deposit upon reserving along with the information listed at the top of this page. For those who have already sent in their initial deposit, you will be receiving an email request for the remainder of the first deposit to bring your reservation(s) current. Those with Early Bird Special status will notice this discount at this point. No reservation will be confirmed without the requisite deposit. The second deposit will be due around the time of the appearance of the painted production samples.

At this time, we only need the road name(s) and locomotive type(s) of choice. 



Official reservations are now being taken for these cars. The reservation requires 1/3 down ($200) per car reserved at this time. Please see the Bethgon High-Wall Gondola page for details regarding road names and privately owned names and markings. These cars will also be available in all three of the wheel gauge offerings we provide.


Please email with questions or to place a reservation.