Bethgon High-Wall Gondola

This project already has sufficient requests to be put into production immediately. These cars will be very finely and accurately detailed with punched rivets and highly detailed ASF 100 ton trucks, which are accurate for this car (see photos on the 9/23/19 update on the “General News” page). They will also be available in all three of our gauging options – Std O Scale with .145 wheels, Std O Scale with .114 (scale) wheels and Proto48. These will be available in many different paint schemes of which some are pictured below. They will also be available in up to 110 road numbers as there are people wanting a full scale train (100+ cars). If you are interested in one or more of these cars and do not see the paint scheme you are interested in, please contact us and even perhaps supply a photo of the scheme you would like to see produced. These cars will also be available in major road names that had/have them even though they are not presently pictured below. They will be reasonably priced at $600 per car. The reservation process will commence shortly. If you have interest in these cars, please email us and let us know.





























BN - 534058a







BN -534481_01







BNSF - IMG_1153 (2)







BNSF - IMG_5166







CR - 2282







CSXT - 390546-E726-STD052811







NS - 10521