NSC 73′ Centerbeam Lumber Car

For our first potential rolling stock project, we are offering the NSC 73′ centerbeam lumber car. These cars will be very finely and accurately detailed with tie downs and optional risers and loads. They will have highly detailed Barber S2 HD trucks, which are accurate for this car. These will be available in many different paint schemes and a few different versions even though there are only minor differences. If you are interested in one or more of these cars and do not see the paint scheme you are interested in, please contact us and even perhaps supply a photo of the scheme you would like to see produced. These will ONLY be produced if there are sufficient quantities to get them into production. The sooner we have those numbers, the sooner production commences, so it is up to all of you O Scalers out there to make sure that this happens. Once all of the photos have been posted, we will begin taking official reservations. Many of you have already emailed to express interest. If you have interest in these cars, please email us and let us know, so this car can be brought to fruition. They will be reasonably priced at $500 per car with the optional loads being extra and to be announced later.